Modesty #1 Confident, But Not Conceited

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Modesty can be defined as a virtue of being free of conceit or vanity. Confidence is a feeling or a belief that one can have faith in something or someone. So self-confidence can be defined as having faith in one’s self. Being conceited, is when someone has a high opinion of themselves, thinking that they are better than others around them.

Being confident and being conceited are two major concepts that can be easily confused to mean the same thing. But there is a difference and it can be noticed when we look closely and try to differentiate between the two characters.

Developing self-confidence is an awesome side-effect for anyone who ever wants to partake in martial arts as a sport. Karate helps to develop confidence to go compete with an opponent because it is this confidence that will allow you to gather up enough courage to face an opponent no matter how big or intimidating, they may be.

While having confidence and courage, it is very easy for a martial artist to fall into the trap of being conceited, proud, and having a high opinion of themselves. It’s at this point that instructors and parents should step in to guide the student and deliver a message about modesty

While we train the young ones to become best version of themselves, we also try to teach the attitude of modesty, so they can have the right mindset in them whenever they are faced with any challenge or confrontation.  No matter how many black belts you have, how many classes you may have done, it is good to stay humble and levelheaded.

A martial artist should avoid a boastful behavior especially when it is done to bring someone down. It is more important to prove yourself in the quality of your character that to keep boasting about your accolades.  A martial art fighter is to be humble while accepting compliments from a higher authority. It is wrong to always want to be praised and make others feel like they are beneath you. Conceitedness can lead us to become insecure and soon this might begin to affect our performance at home, school or in karate class.  It will also affect the relationship with others since no one would want to be around someone who is conceited and always want to prove he or she is better than others.