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Respect being an attitude of high regards, honour and admiration is an important character every child should have. For a child to be respectful to either at school or at the public says a lot not just about the child but the child’s family which is why respect is a vital tool every child must possess from a tender age while growing up. There are a lot of disciplines that upholds respect as a core but none of them emphasizes on it like the martial arts which has its foundation built on the principle of respect.

Respect goes beyond mere politeness it is a principle that should be part of every child. However at Keswick Karate, we do not only teach kids to achieve their goals we also develop them in such a way that respect becomes part of them to enable them to become better individuals in life. When our students show respect to their sensei by bowing and using proper language and not slang, it indicates not only respect for their instructor but respect for themselves and the space in the dojo thus this singular act signifies nobility in character and action.

Martial arts encompass many principles such as; improved self-confidence, self-discipline, positive self-image and respect. However, Keswick karate character developmental programs for kids are structured to promote positive behaviors, leadership skills, self-discipline and respect. The manners in which we organize our training section and interaction class have had tremendous effects on our students. All these characters which we train your kids in are eventually carried over into other areas of their life like at home, school games and classes. We create an environment where your children are encouraged to respect not only their fellow students and sensei but also themselves thus settling the fact that “everybody deserves respect”.

Keswick Karate character development program offers parents the opportunity to enroll their kids into a martial arts program that is dedicated to developing the different characters of your kids while creating an avenue for them to push and go beyond the boundaries and to this requires commitment, consistency, hard work and discipline because it is the amount of hard work put into practicing that will determine their perfection of a particular skill or technique. While enrolled in Keswick karate, the respect your kids will acquire from their teachers is the same respect that will portrayed to their various society at large there by making them better individuals and citizens of their country.  Learning respect is vital for children because it builds up with them and which eventually become part of them later in life, karate is the best and most suitable way for your kids to experience and learn all these principles of life ones and for all at Keswick Karate we teach discipline which will be the bedrock through which other principles will be introduced to your children and you will be amazed to how fast the behavior of your kids will change no matter how stubborn and disrespectful they are before.