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Self-image refers to the way people view themselves.  Most people think so little of themselves; they are constantly in conflict mentally; always doubting and assuming they aren’t up to the task. These people have a negative self-image and as such, the only language they speak is “I can’t”, the projections of them are so confined as they lack the ability to try new things. Now I know you are probably thinking; how can karate build up your child’s image or transform them to have positive images of themselves.

It is known that martial arts increase the self-image of adults but it is also true that children can experience and show immense signs of positive self-image through practicing Karate. The importance of positive self-image among children is very vital because it projects the way our kids think to the society. A negative self-image can do more harm than good because it limits the things your children can accomplish at their tender age; it makes them think so low about themselves thereby adhering to bad influence from friends with negative self-image too. This is why your kids need the teaching of karate for the following reasons.

  • Clearing their mental obstacles

When your children are enrolled in Keswick karate, our character development program is designed to help them overcome their mental obstacle by teaching them how to clear their head, take a deep breath and channel your energy into doing that which you intended knowing that yes “you can do it”. When your kids start believing in themselves, when they start having the “I can” mind-set, they will begin to develop self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt. As your kids progress through the various martial at level, they will be able to develop a solid mental assertiveness and will conquer negative self-inferiority and embrace a positive self-image.

  • Physical abilities

You will agree with me that a positive self-image can also affect your physical abilities. When your kids practise karate, they will be taught self-discipline and will be encouraged to partake in a different exercise that will increase their strength and focus. When your kids are equipped with these character developments, it will make them feel so good about themselves, they will be very happy and when they walk or involve themselves in any activity outside the dojo you will notice that their thinking about themselves would have changed. They won’t be able to follow bad influence at school because they are now disciplined, they won’t be rude to their teachers and mates anymore because now they have understood respect and they will aim higher in life and strive to accomplish more because they have a positive self-image about themselves. All these are what your children benefits from Keswick Karate.

The benefits of a positive self-image for your kids are very numerous. When your kids are equipped with positive self-image they excel in school, they do their best to stay out of trouble and will only defend themselves when there is no other resolution. Developing the self-image of your kids is what we do Keswick karate, the potential of your children will be maximized and they will have the confidence and persistence to set goals and accomplish them thereby becoming a role model for their peers.