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Keswick karate’s character development programs is composed of so many principles such as
• Honesty
• Modesty
• Perseverance
• Teamwork
• Kindness
• Responsibility and Positive self-image
Just to mention a few.

The above programs which consist of karate principles are established for the purpose of teaching your kids how to maximize their mental and physical capability while having fun with karate practices in order for them to reach their full potential both in school, at home, with friends and in life generally.

Studies have shown that only a few children at a tender age make use of their potential without being guided while 95% of kids have their potential buried within them. They need a push; they need someone to point them towards the right direction. Kids usually look up to a role model that way they can learn faster, therefore your children needs the presence of a sensei and the knowledge of karate to help keep them focus on their goals and also to assist them to be able to utilize their potential more effectively. For example, a child might be dull in a maths class and everyone assumes he or she wasn’t created to understand maths but this isn’t true because math is the easiest subject that only requires focus. When your child is enrolled in Keswick karate and starts learning how to stay focus with a sound mental assertiveness, he or she will definitely start performing well in Math classes. Thus it is right to say that introducing your kids to karate is one of the important things you can do for them because by doing so, you have set them in a path that will develop their character while making them more principled in life.

Keswick karate has been teaching character development for years through karate and have seen first-hand how our teachings have transformed the lives of so many kids from the very first day they begin our program, we have also received lots of recommendation from happy parents because of how responsible their kids have turn out to be in their respective community and schools thus certifying that we know what we are doing when it comes to bringing out the potential of your kids.

We Educate Your Kids In A Fun Way!

Kids generally learn effectively in a fun environment that is void of stress but reach in excitement thus we implement this concept in the way of our teachings and instructing so that your kids will learn a lot without exhausting. From their first day at class, you will notice the changes in your kids as they will start doing things differently and showing respect to everyone. This is because respect is the first principle we promote at Keswick karate and that is because when a person is respectful he or she automatically becomes humble and you will agree with me that nothing elevates an individual more than humility. Enrolling your kids to practice karate exposes them to so many core values like improving their focus, building their courage, teaching them to persevere, enable the speak the truth always and equip them with the skill to defend themselves. Our programs are structured in a way that allows your kids to continually improve as their potentials are being reviewed and developed gradually to make them better individuals in life.