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Teaching Responsibility
Responsibility, it is a state of being accountable or the ability for a person to be answerable to a particular obligation, it is a character every child should have. When your kids are accountable for their actions it serves as a guideline to their actions because they understand that for whatever reason they carry out an action, they are fully aware of the result and consequences so, therefore, they don’t need anybody to put blame on. Teaching kids from a young age isn’t an easy task for parents and sometimes despite how much we want to impact on how children we end up teaching them the wrong thing. Responsibility is a key principle that can be taught mostly by examples and then explanation before enforcement and for this reason, Keswick Karate is dedicated to guide your kids into this path with the aim of teaching them the importance of responsibility and how they can be responsible not only to their selves but to their parents and all those around them.

Teaching responsibility by example

Children at their earliest stage of development learn effectively by seeing and emulating, therefore we advise parents to always express passion for anything they do, when going about your home chores you don’t need to frown because the kids are watching. Children normally follow in the footstep of anyone they consider being in charge this is why parents and instructors are role models for our kids. At Keswick Karate we always lead by example, we teach what we preach. When your child is enrolled in our karate classes they are taught the principles of responsibility. From the first bow, they are directed towards taking responsibilities for their action by learning to blame no one.
Also parents can teach their kids how to take responsibility by entrusting them with a task; whether it is home chores or any other task this helps the kids to be accountable for something. They need to perform a task and report this way they take charge of their action and are responsible for any consequences.

Teaching responsibility by explanation

When children are given tasks especially one that involves an incentive as a reward if they properly carry out the task. You will see that they really want to excel in what you have put them to do; they want to get a reward and they want to please you. This is why it is advisable to follow up with your kids with a detailed explanation to guide them into achieving that goal. When you explain the reason for the task, the importance and how they can achieve it effectively; your kids will follow through and it will help them not to make mistakes in life.

Explanations are so important that is why at Keswick karate we ensure that your kids fully understand whatever is being taught because it is not enough to just lead by example. Your kids need to be explained to why a task is important so they can better understand. Children who misbehave often don’t know why they misbehave, they just follow their impulse but with karate your kids will learn to control their emotions and understand the reason why they should not misbehave.

Teaching responsibility through enforcement

Sometimes children don’t act in accordance to what they are taught and explained to. At this point there is need for enforcement as a disciplinary measure to correct your kids and direct them towards becoming a better person. Keswick karate teaches your kids by educating them and building them in such a way that they understand that for every failure in responsibility there is a consequence. Parents are thereby advised to also set disciplinary measures too so that the character of their kids can better be shaped as they grow older.

In conclusion responsibility involves building good behavioral attitude for one’s kids, explaining that behavior and placing consequences when the behavior is not attained.