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Kindness is a virtue; this is so because it is a behavioural character that gives a person the impulse to care for others without hesitation. Many cultures, religion and philosophies have since upheld kindness as a core value that an individual must possess starting at a very tender age of 3years to 13years. Furthermore, kindness is not just about a good deed; rather it is a skill that gives a person attitude of uplifting another person with either an act of positive remarks or assistance. Therefore, this skill must be taught because it doesn’t just develop naturally. This is why Keswick Karate through its character development programs is dedicated to developing your children characters with the aim to bring out the best in them.

We at Keswick Karate share in your beliefs that kindness is a very crucial skill your children must have. Because by teaching children at a young age to be nice, considerate, compassionate and to be friendly, we automatically prevent them from growing up to be bullies and arrogant later in life and this can be achieved by introducing your children while at a tender age of 3 to Karate classes. At the age of 3 to 13years children are very enthusiastic, they learn by focusing and imitating behaviour and teachings of anyone they consider their teacher. This is the right time to shape the direction through which your children will follow later in life, this crucial stage is the stage when if a child is trained with the various principles of kindness will grow up to influence not only those around them but their society at large.

Karate doesn’t just teach your children how they can understand and use their body energy but it develops the personal character of your children teaching them that kindness is the ultimate form of defence. It impacts positively on your children by making them understand that treating others with respect and kindness is superior to violence. No wonder the popular saying by Wayne Teasdale that “kindness is the highest form of intelligence”. Keswick Karate besides elevating sound physical exercise, educate children on how to interact with their peers with love and kindness, encourage them to share among their friends and to show kindness to even those bullies back at school because there is strength in showing kindness even to those who oppress us.

When a child is enrolled at Keswick Karate, he or she is taught to practice the very principle and methodologies we preach which is “the structure of good habits”. At the end of every Karate challenge, the kids are taught to shake hands with each other; this singular act is a gesture of kindness that helps the kids to elevate their self-esteem and as they assist one another in their different training classes, practice and activities they automatically and gradually acquire the skill of kindness which will at the long run help them to relate better in public places, perform best in their various schools and will enable them to be better partners later in life.

Another way we also teach your children to be kind is through daily motivational and thoughtful words of encouragement. When kids complement each other after a particular match a positive atmosphere is created, and this helps to promote kindness a lot because the children are now used to showing acts of love learnt from their various Karate classes and will involuntary apply this skill to their everyday activities.