Humility (Character Development Program)

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As a misunderstanding, humility is seen by most people as being meek or even weak. The correct meaning of humility is the act of not bragging whereas you know you are the best in a bunch. In martial arts, humility is taught alongside respect. It is taught in the way martial artists stand, greet their instructors and even the way they wear their uniform.

In martial arts, most people don’t think about humility. They think of people being controlled and thus submitting to the martial arts, whereas true martial arts don’t think of being controlled. Instead, they believe in mastering themselves. When taught to children, especially at Keswick Karate, it is easier for them to gain the humility attribute faster than the older persons.

When martial artists gain more control and mastery of self, humility in them becomes more natural.

In children, humility is essential because it is the quality of being respectful to others, especially those who are older than them. It drives the urge of a kid not to think about themselves first, not being arrogant and thinking of themselves as better than others. Keswick Karate makes sure that children are equipped with humility which drives them to have the serving others attitude.

More often, in most games, people brag and have a lot of confidence. They talk about what they can do, how they can do it well, even to the things they have not yet reached to doing. Along the way, as they continue bragging, they are humiliated and made humble by the mightier thing which they were bragging about earlier. Martial arts is a very different sport as compared to these others. Rather than focusing on how to win, it is designed as a way of life and a way to make oneself a better person especially to kids which is offered at Keswick Karate at the very best.

Keswick Karate makes sure that children make themselves better persons by teaching them that they are not perfect. When they let go their ego, they begin learning on improving themselves bringing out the humility in them.

For a person to live a good life, humility is one of the great qualities. In life, humility portrays itself in an amusing manner thus the need for children to be equipped with it at the very early age. It is either you humble yourself and face life with humility or be humiliated by someone else.

In martial arts actions, when one is not humble, they tend to become angry quickly when things don’t go their way. This leads to fists and shoulders tightening which leads one to make inaccurate target selection and horrible blocks, kicks, and punches which result in the easy winning of the opponent. Martial artist learn to thank competitions, whether it is a win or loss, for they can’t be able to improve without them

When parents reach to the conclusion of enrolling their children in martial arts classes, for them to be equipped with the humility skill, Keswick Karate is available, and it makes sure that children are made all rounded persons.