Honour (Character Development Program)

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In martial arts, especially in karate, honour, discipline and leadership are three keywords which go hand in hand. Honor is having high respect for worth, rank, and merit. In children, honour helps them have great respect for peers and elders. They view their peers as equal, even if they may be having higher skills, and respect each other’s knowledge. Keswick Karate ensures that children learn the honor skills to benefit themselves since with honor, they respect their elder and learn from the elders’ wisdom.

During martial arts classes, especially at Keswick Karate, students bow to teachers when they come to class, when they end and when they spar. As a way of honoring each other, the instructors also bow back. A lot of honesty and integrity is shown by the martial artists which they get from the art. Bowing to the instructor, or to fellow martial artists is an act of courtesy. It indicates that you respect and honor them. Mutual respect and good etiquette are stressed in martial arts.

Martial arts learning has never been of those with a faint heart, to perfect the technique and become a master, one need to commit to training. Apart from the physical aspect in martial arts, children learn other qualities such as honor.

Keswick Karate helps children develop these qualities. As they train, they can reflect on the qualities and realize their significance. When students persist with the training, the qualities become an inextricable part of them.

In martial arts, an honour which is a life skill is learned by every artist. Honoring others and oneself is one of the important things that martial arts teach. There are two main types of honor taught at martial arts schools, self-honor and the honor to other people. In honor, one does the right thing and hold steadfast to values no matter the consequences.

Martial artists have a lot of power in their hands which they can choose to use in evil or good. One of Keswick Karate martial arts is that you should use the knowledge you learned to make the right choices in life. In different places, such as school, work, home or in self-defense, Keswick Karate arts focuses on reality based martial arts training which enhances the ability to make correct choices in life. They do train that martial artists should use their skill and knowledge to uphold justice and honor. Through conscience guidance, the artists’ main concern should be doing what is right which doesn’t harm others.

Honor learned in Keswick Karate martial arts classes makes the martial artists live the life that other people only dreams of. Honour, self-control, and discipline. The main aim being perfecting their character through self-improvement throughout. For children to be impacted with the honour skill and their ages, which they will hold forever in their lives, parents should make a point of enrolling them to Keswick Karate martial arts schools where they will benefit a lot by acquiring other skills not top of physical skills to be gained.