Focus (Character Development Program)

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In everyone’s life, focus is a paramount aspect. It’s hard to get important activities accomplished or think clearly without focus. Martial arts helps children and even all types of learners increase their ability to focus.

In martial arts, which Keswick Karate offers, focus is imparted to the students in many different ways:

Instructions are given on how to focus. Martial arts do include mental and physical instructions, where, in both, children are provided with specific techniques that allow them to focus and sharpen their mind.

Instructions on what to focus. Repetition in respect to establishing focal points are used by the instructors, which lead to sharper and more focused minds.

Belt examinations. In martial arts, the belt system is designed in a way that small goals are accomplished which lead to larger goals. The children progress very quickly at first, and as they go on, requirements become more difficult and take a longer time to achieve. Whether one is a beginner belt or a more advanced belt student, they must focus to achieve that goal. When in martial arts, one is less likely to quit activities such as school and activities that take time and focus.

Individual effort. Martial arts sport is determined by individual effort and based on individual’s achievement. The individual effort leads one to focus on their goals both in sport and life which then leads to focus on achieving those goals. All of these can be attained when one joins Keswick Karate schools for martial arts classes.

Kata leading to focus. In martial arts, kata is a series of moves and techniques, put together and taught to the students. The instructor asks the students, in this case, children, to perform and execute the movements and techniques in proper fashion. For the students to do this, they must have incredible capabilities to focus.

Leadership development and life skills classes. In martial arts, there are specific classes taught on a stable schedule by educated instructors who have amazing focus capabilities. Children are instructed and given reading assignments, which helps them reflect on success of other focused leaders.

Posture during martial arts. At classes, children are taught correct posture, they are instructed on how to stand and sit correctly. Good posture taught to the children affects their focus in all their life aspect.

Through competition, martial arts teach focus through executions and performance to the highest degree. Instructors teach on how to win, lose, and be respectful in work, school, and other social activities. Reaching this levels means that the children have achieved higher levels of focus.

In Keswick Karate, students are evaluated on what they have learned through performance and focus with sharp minds. They don’t receive stripes if they don’t execute to the instructor’s standards. The focus is expected from the children in martial arts schools, school, sports and other activities. For the students in school, they are given progress reports to pass to their teachers in making sure that focus is being applied in other aspects of life.