Courtesy (Character Development Program)

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Courtesy is a very key attribute taught in a martial art; it can be defined as the act of showing politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others. In martial arts, courtesy plays a huge role. When entering through the door of the martial school (dojo), one can show courtesy by simply quietly coming in and getting ready for their class. Before the start of any martial art sparring match, one graciously taps the mitt of the opponent in good sportsmanship. At the end of every, if one has won, they don’t jump for victory. Instead, you honor your opponent.

Keswick Karate offers the martial arts training which is used to impact courtesy to the students. Along the physical skills, courtesy lessons offered. The Keswick Karate martial arts teachers do use courteous words and behaviors and have good manners which act as an example to the students. They listen to questions intently, show techniques until it is understood and help students to try their best.

The martial arts group members are always courteous, offer insights, motivation and watch out for each other. Implied courtesy exists within martial art groups. These are traditions which have existed in the martial art Brotherhood for many years. The strong courtesy in martial arts students helps them reflect the same towards the society that they live. All these are offered at Keswick Karate. Courtesy does not allow a rush to point out to other peoples’ faults or weaknesses. If courtesy is not part of people’s life, it can affect a breakdown in culture and communities. It’s for every person to have courtesy, which is offered through martial arts classes which help in having a responsibility to treat others with patience, humility, and honor.

When courtesy is applied to both actions and reactions of a person, small strides are made towards a peaceful world. Traditions and courtesy in martial art bring out excellent results. Courtesy combined with respect helps in curbing violence and increase the peace.

Courtesy impacts the art of making the first step towards the other person. When children are impacted with courtesy at their early ages, it can spread through their peers, who they interact with, by emulating the good characters of not being quick to judge others but to seeing the goodness in them and appreciating them.

Courtesy, together with other attributes are essential in the society of today, especially in this time where peace is very hard to maintain. If children are taught the attribute, it will be very easy for the community to move forward towards an easily achieved peace in the world. Appreciating each other, not quickly seeing their mistake should be emphasized and thus the need to attend the martial arts classes.

If you have been looking to build the courtesy in your child Keswick Karate has the tools to help you child attain this quality. You can contact us by phone or by email.

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