Honesty (Character Development Program)

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Honesty is the aspect of being true to others and yourself. In martial arts, alongside physical development, children learn thoughtful approaches which help them develop skills needed to live a successful and happy life. Honesty is one of the mental approaches that children learn during their martial arts classes.

During training, the trust bond between children and the instructor is successful only when both are truthful to each other. From their first martial art class, students at Keswick Karate learn the importance of telling the truth and being honest. Martial arts also teaches the children how to be honest with themselves. During belts’ grading assessments, it is vital that children are honest with themselves, this is because, among children, self-deception can be very easy to practice without being detected.

Integrity helps a lot in children since it brings the character of being honest with themselves. In martial arts, belt system aids a lot in integrity development in a child. As they begin their training, students mostly focus on their current rank and the color of the belt they are wearing. However, as they progress, they learn that skill and knowledge is more important than rank. If they feel the need to devote more time, students will turn down the promotion chances which shows their integrity by refusing easy way and being true to themselves. All that integrity indicates that the kids are honest to themselves. The children do carry this attribute into other areas of life, such as education.

In Keswick Karate training, they focus on how to instill honesty to kids as they attend the general classes. Through martial arts training, children learn the need to take control of their actions. Through training and practice, children demonstrate responsibility. Growth that occurs as the children progress through the belts is learning that instructors cannot do the hard work for you but offers guidance and support only. If the kids choose to do other things with their time, other than training, they blame nobody if they fail to succeed. Keswick Karate ensures that the children achieve by making sure that they are honest with themselves.

In martial arts, children are taught to rise above not being true to yourself and honestly look at themselves. In tournaments, it is very practical for anybody to be beaten. Martial arts teaches honesty to the children and instills a truth that anybody, even your opponent can outdo you in the tournament no matter how you have trained.

It is not possible to attain the black belt level all by yourself. So, children are taught to adopt what is good in others which can help them grow. Looking to others as just opponents does not take you anywhere but seeing the goodness in them helps you improve gradually up to the maximum level possible in martial arts which is the black belt level.

If your instructor does not seem to do their best as they should be doing, the children have been taught to ask themselves whether they fall into the same category or will do their best to perfect their skills.