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On average people view martial arts techniques such as Judo, Thai, Karate, Kickboxing, and others as a way to protect themselves. However, they sometimes don’t consider the martial arts training benefits which are more important. At Keswick Karate, we use martial arts to teach children growth physically and mentally.

Physically, growth is the process of increasing body size regarding height, weight, length and organs size. Mental growth refers to improvements related to age such as knowledge, practices and intellectual strategies which can be employed in any particular domain.

The obvious benefit of learning martial arts is physical health growth. While at Keswick Karate, the children get to exercise regularly in a single week, which is a very helpful habit in a child’s practice. A habit which has been routinely the first to be cut in the school system.  The workout helps in blood circulation and pressure balancing, lowers cholesterol level, thus reduce the potential number of visits to doctors and medical expenses. Martial arts helps a sad student start to smile, be excited and light up which helps their brain grow positively as they add value to their lives.

Another obvious benefit of learning martial arts is mental health improvement. After a martial arts workout, especially at Keswick Karate, the entire body gets relaxed which it then returns to the memory of the stress-free state of mind thus making the children relax, having little to no stress and thus the ability to think of other constructive matters in their life with the correct state of mind. The greatest of nature’s gifts is the mechanism to recycle psychological stress through exercising. Whenever a child has a lot of pressure, he/she uses the martial arts learned to employ mental concentration and to keep going.

On top of the standard martial arts classes, children are impacted with mental energy commitments to handle tasks at hand. The general benefit is that children realize the need to commit full concentration and focus, this get results more efficiently and faster which sets one free with the task at hand enabling more achievement.

In martial arts, students are taught by handwork patterns about dynamics, balance, and intuition of natural spirit. The blocking, striking, deflecting, and breaking of boards are all concepts applied to the human spirit. Over time, one is never rattled as their mental is being tested. Instead, they emerge with new views of themselves which lead to self-realization and self-confidence.

Growth in martial arts is very broad, but as briefly discussed, parents should ensure that their children have that ability to grow on their own without being forced.  The Keswick Karate environment is one of high standards yet on of fun.  The ultimate goal is to be firm, fair and patient with student.  The growth in martial arts is another tool to help ensure that our families are bringing up mature children who have that self-drive to act on their own, physically fit children through workouts and children who have a steadfast belief in their ability.

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