Empathy – Word Of The Week

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The Martial arts are combat practices, traditions, and systems practiced for a number of reasons: confidence, fighting, fitness, relaxing, meditation, self-defence and others.

There are characteristics which are impacted to learners, especially the young kids who have not yet fully acquired character traits, through interaction with a lot of different people. When taking the martial arts classes offered at Keswick Karate, our staff make sure that the kids acquire the best characteristics possible.

As a teacher, especially young person’s teacher, we try to understand the student’s condition. This is done through close interaction with children by placing yourself in their shoes to feel what they are feeling. At Keswick Karate, we have we have staff with such characteristics in making sure that we really understand our students.

The hope of a child in any martial art should be more than just physical fitness. The goals at Keswick Karate is to ensure that students become confident, well-rounded individuals with self-discipline and respect for themselves and other people, beyond the physical fitness objective. It is these complex concepts that are built at home and in the dojo that help the student rely on themselves rather than be subject to influences when making decision for themselves or decision that involve other people.

A child’s involvement in community service helps them understand others and sympathize with their difficulties. Compassionate acts require children to think about what others experience and develop a sense of empathy and gratitude. Through martial arts at Keswick Karate and our charitable campaigns throughout the year, we make sure that the empathy attribute is impacted to a student. The children can understand other people and help them make better decisions since they have been taught to put themselves in other people’s shoes and know what they are thinking.

The Character development program at Keswick Karate makes sure that children are taught good characteristics not only to better themselves and their families, but to better the community as a whole through impacting them with characteristics which will make everybody living and interacting with them feel comfortable. There are a lot of advantages associated with kids when learning martial arts. As children grow in such a learning environment, their character is shaped and guided to help them grow gradually and lead them to be able to make better decisions even in hardship times.

It is our duty to make sure that the kids we teach and interact with grow up in such an environment to make sure that they have the ability to walk a mile in another’s shoes and  grow as a well-rounded person and as somebody of respect to everybody in the society.

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