Some Commonly Asked Questions From Parents

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It’s natural for parents to be inquisitive about karate classes. If you’re considering enrolling your child in classes, you may want to know a little more. There can be many things to consider when it comes to a child starting a new sport, as you want to make sure it’s both suitable and worth your child participating. While there are many questions that may be specific to the requirement of your child, you can get an answer for these by a quick visit to Keswick Karate. For more common questions, you can hopefully find the answer below.

Are classes safe?

Absolutely. The program we have in place at Keswick Karate allows children to try new challenges only when they are considered ready. We will never ask a child to perform any movement that may put them or others at risk of an injury. All classes are highly supervised, with safety being one of our top concerns. In addition to the safety measures in place, each class begins with a warm-up of the muscles, followed by a gradual cool down, which greatly reduces the possibilities of a strain or similar accident.

Will my child become aggressive?

While the techniques we teach are self-defense, some people may associate this with aggression and typical fighting. Karate is actually the opposite. Children are taught to use self-defense as a last resort. While some children are naturally more aggressive than others, karate can work as an aid in calming and controlling this aggression. Karate teaches children to be able to assess a situation before acting; to use only what is necessary to diffuse a bad situation and to respect themselves and others.

What is a good age to start?

Children and adults can learn karate at any age; we believe that the younger the better works best. With a large part of karate being based around self-control and discipline, the mind benefits associated with this art can be great for young children. At Keswick Karate our Tiny Tots class is available for children ages 3-4, which allows us to focus on the needs of children of such a young age.

Are classes fun?

It is important to us at Keswick Karate to both motivate and educate the children that study with us. It can be easy for children to lose interest in subjects with no fun involved. Our classes focus on discipline, self-control, confidence and respect, but we are able to teach these in a fun and interesting manner.

What can I expect my child to learn?

Your child will primarily learn to defend themselves in hostile situations. In addition to this, karate is an excellent way for children to build confidence, learn to respect each other, stay fit, have fun and gain some excellent life skills along the way.

If there are any questions you may have that aren’t covered above, please feel free to email us at, or call us on +1 647-515-0179.