Karate For Kids With ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a complex situation to work with. While the symptoms and scale of the ADHD can vary in children that have it, it is generally agreed that children that are suffering ADHD can struggle with schoolwork and building relationships. Many children that are diagnosed with ADHD can often let it hold them back if they are unable to find a way to channel their energy. One way they can channel their energy is by learning a martial art, such as studying with us at Keswick Karate.

By learning karate, children that suffer ADHD can channel their energy into the physical activity that is required of them. Channeling energy into physical activity is beneficial for children as it allows them to expel their aggression and frustration in a way that is non-harmful to others. At Keswick Karate, your child will spend individual parts of their lessons practicing various moves and sequences. This is important for children suffering ADHD as it allows them to switch between varieties of tasks before getting bored or unsettled – a common symptom of this disorder.

Breathing and concentration are fundamental aspects of all martial arts. By controlling our breathing, we are able to focus the mind and relax the body. Controlled breathing is equally as important for those diagnosed with ADHD as it can induce a sense of inner calm. By breathing in a controlled manner, more oxygen is delivered to the brain. In addition to this, blood pressure can be lowered and endorphins can be released – which are all benefiting factors for ADHD suffers. With breathing being an important factor of martial arts, students at Keswick Karate learn the appropriate techniques to relax their body and mind while operating the practice of self-defense.

Martial arts can also be excellent for character building. By improving self-confidence as students set clear, achievable goals that they go on to reach, we can expect them to find a sense of stability. The mind techniques learnt in martial arts are equally as important as the physical techniques, and it is reasons like this that psychologists have long discussed the benefits of ADHD sufferers studying martial arts. Mind training can instill a sense of discipline in students that can go a long way towards helping children diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD has many unfortunate symptoms. Suffers can expect to be frustrated by certain elements of training in sports while flourishing in others. With frustration and concentration loss being two of the most common symptoms of ADHD, parents can often question the safety of their child in a martial arts class. Keswick Karate offers structured and well-supervised training that is actively led by the sensei, allowing these issues to never be present. Learning is often diverse, which helps to keep students minds from wandering. In addition to this, we can help set students realistic and attainable goals, which they can use to progress through the ranks rather than being pushed into something without adequate preparation. ADHD is simply a limitation, but working with limitations and using them to their advantage can create exceptional results.