How Karate Can Improve Grades

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A large part of the learning process with karate focuses on defence against attackers using a combination of strikes and blocks, but there are many other important parts. While it’s easy to consider the physical benefits that you can attribute to karate, it can be more difficult understanding the mental benefits. Developing the right frame of mind to be successful in karate can help you to achieve success in other parts of your life. In this article, we’ll take a look at how being a student at Keswick Karate can improve a child’s school grades.


Focus is an important and fundamental element of karate and can help practitioners achieve an advantage in many scenarios. Whether it’s stretching, sparring or even breathing; the ability to focus can optimise many activities. At Keswick Karate, through routine practice, you can develop your ability to focus on the task at hand and remove distractions. Focus can be beneficial at school, whether it’s during revision for exams or working on a challenging project, improving your focus can yield greater results.


Confidence levels differ from person to person, and while a child might be confident doing one thing, that same child may be less confident in doing something else. At Keswick Karate you can develop confidence through several methods. Whether it’s by losing weight, discovering your capabilities, meeting new friends or learning to control your actions – there are many ways that your confidence can improve. Being more confident can help you to speak out more at school, put yourself forward for extracurricular activities or even just socialise more to improve your school experience.


Martial arts need respect and discipline to operate well. At Keswick Karate, we expect students to have respect for each other to cut the possibility of conflicts to ensure that everybody can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. It is important to respect people who are older or superior to you as they have been where you are and progressed. You can apply the same respect to a school classroom as you apply at a dojo, and when you start to show respect for yourself and others, you also start to receive it.


While learning karate, you are also giving your body an excellent workout. Exercise can benefit your school life by helping you feel more alert, energised and calm under pressure. Physical activity also helps you to enjoy a better nights sleep, which can, in turn, help you to remember things that you have learnt or stay focused in long classes.

The benefits of karate aren’t limited to being within the walls of the dojo, nor are they limited to physical improvements. With improved focus, more confidence, respect for themselves and others and the benefits of physical exercise, all children that study at Keswick Karate can expect to reap the benefits elsewhere. And while this article is based on how children can apply these benefits to achieve better grades, they can also be applied in later life.