Karate’s Life Lessons

The world is full of new things for us to learn each day. Part of the process for growing is to learn. While many people think that karate teaches only the movements of self-defense, a lot of what it teaches can be applied to our day-to-day lives. Our students at Keswick Karate naturally build on these teachings with each class – which benefits them both in and out of the dojo. So if you’re somebody that is considering taking up karate classes, here are just some of the things you will learn, in addition to self-defense:

Leave your ego at the door

An important rule at Keswick Karate many other dojos and gyms is to leave your ego at the door. By leaving behind our pride, and instead of accepting that you are in a place of learning, you can open your mind to much more.

You can win, or you can learn

In karate, you should be humble in wins and losses. A win is great, but can’t teach you much. A loss can teach you what you need to change or work on for next time. Adapt and improve.

Enjoy the journey

When you start to learn karate, you’re starting a journey. While the main goal is to achieve your black belt, there is a lot to learn and enjoy along the way.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Talent certainly helps when it comes to being good at something, but having talent is no substitute for hard work. By putting extra effort into achieving your goals, you can become talented.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

In karate, even the smallest opponents can take down larger opponents. It’s important to never judge someone on how they look, as their qualities lie within.

Respect each other

A little respect can go a long way. Karate teaches us to respect each other and stay humble. Just showing respect can open many doors for you, let alone receiving it in return.

Nothing worth having comes easy

Each belt in karate is better than the one before it; so naturally, it becomes harder to attain each belt. As you learn more, you goals become bigger, but if it’s worth having, it won’t be an easy ride.

Never give up

Karate teaches us to never give up. It takes a great deal of persistence to perfect movements and techniques. You have to go through the hard times to get to the good times. Giving up will only stop or delay your journey.

Prepare for success

It’s important in karate to prepare well. Before Keswick Karate classes, assessments and tournaments we must be prepared. Preparation reduces the chance of failure and helps you to improve.

Practice makes perfect

Life consists of practice. Consider the things you do every day, and how perfect they are, even simple things like communicating, walking, eating – we are only able to perfect the tasks that we practice.