Top Ten Signs You Are Stronger Than Yesterday

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Every so often I’ll have a client come up to me and ask what the signs are that their Karate / Kickboxing program is working and improving them physically.  There are actually a number of different things you can use outside of a body measuring tape and a scale.  Here are 10 things to help you out.
Top Ten Signs You Are Stronger Than Yesterday 

1. You took that flight of stairs rather than wait for that excruciatingly slow elevator at the office. Who has time for that!?

2. You opted for the 35 pound bag of dog food instead of the 20 pound bag. And, no thank you, you don’t need help to your car.

3. You can do a freakin’ pushup!  How awesome was it the first time you did a full push-up!?

4. You get through a legs workout and can still get on and off the toilet the next day. There may be some arm assistance but that’s alright.  Winning!

5. You no longer hate burpees. Ah, who am I kidding, everyone hates burpees!  Except for Kevin and Marty (That’s a fact!)

6. You refuse to make more than one trip carrying groceries from the car. You will farmer walk all those bags in one load! Why?  Because, you have the power to do so AND you get a kick out of other people watching your awesomeness.

7. You suddenly find yourself keeping up with your energetic kids!

8. You realize you are helping out the newcomers with exercises you once struggled with yourself.

  1. Your peers notice a change in your disposition and start to ask you what’s different.10. You actually look forward to the pain! You are killing it!

(Mic drop, walk away)

One of the most enjoyable things I get to see aside from the pain and suffering I inflict on the youth class are the milestones that clients achieve!  Each one is special in its own way.   Each person comes to Keswick Karate for their own reasons.  Our goal is to get you to your goal.

Although the above was written with some humor to it, all of the examples came from actual clients.  How awesome is that!?

If you’ve been looking to raise the quality of your life.  If you’ve been looking for a fun and safe place to train.  If you’ve been looking for something fresh and exciting come check out Keswick Karate!