Gifts You Could Buy A Karate Practitioner

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Buying gifts for people can often be difficult at the best of times. You have to decide on a thoughtful gift, work out if the receiver will make use of it, and make sure it adheres to your budget. Buying gifts usually start with considering what interests the receiver, and when buying for people without hobbies, finding a suitable gift can be even more challenging. Luckily for you, if you’re reading this, you’re probably buying for someone interested in karate, and that’s a good start. Here is a roundup of some gifts that you could buy a karate student, compiled by us at Keswick Karate.

New Gi

Gi’s can take some serious damage over the months and years they are worn, and while they’re designed to withstand tests they are put through in the dojo, they, unfortunately, don’t stay in top condition forever. Children that are constantly growing can find their Gi’s becoming an uncomfortable fit, and comfort is necessary to train well. Gi’s come in many weights and different name brands.  Additionally, wearing any new item of clothing feels good, so buying a new Gi for a karate practitioner can be an excellent gift.

Foam Roller

Karate can be a demanding sport at times. With high-intensity training come sore muscles. While we can’t all have a sports massage therapist at home to relieve our hard working muscles, we can have a foam roller. Foam rollers act as a self-massage tool, allowing you to soften and relax the muscle tissue. Used correctly, they can aid in both pain relief from delayed onset muscle soreness, and also aid in recovery.

Training Journal

A training journal can be an excellent way to maximize your learning potential in karate. By jotting down just a few sentences after each class, such as what went well, what didn’t go so well and areas you need to improve on, you can use this as a reference to progress. It has been proved that athletes that track their progress, and are able to visually see it, are able to progress quicker than those who don’t. A training journal can also be great to encourage children to set and achieve tangible goals.  During my 1st and 2nd degree training I would log the amount of kicks, katas and how far I ran.  It was a very interesting process that taught me about my training.

Re-breakable Boards

A much-loved part of karate and other martial arts is the practice of breaking boards. It is a great example of how the combination of your mind and power can connect to achieve to seemingly impossible. For those interested in breaking boards, it is simply not a sustainable hobby – unless those boards were re-breakable. Re-breakable boards are made from high-impact molded plastic that allows them to be re-broken again and again. As these boards can generally be bought in a variety of thicknesses, they can also serve as a great way to build up to breaking more solid materials.

Karate Lessons

If your child or loved one is a serious karate fanatic who already has all of the above, then you might really be struggling for gift options. Luckily, you can buy them lessons with us at Keswick Karate, which guarantees a thoughtful present that they are sure to use. If you are interested in buying lessons as a gift, please enquire at Keswick Karate to discuss the options we have available.  Right now we have an amazing promotion which includes a FREE uniform.  Call or email us to take advantage of the opportunity!