My Very First Belt Grading

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Many people are not too sure what to expect from their first belt grading at Keswick Karate.  Whether you are doing the testing or your child is testing, here are a few tips to make this event even more fun than it already is.

-“Repetition is the mother of all skill”.  You and/or your child may be nervous, but it is important to remember that you have been doing these movements for some time now.  It’s also important to remember that every day is a test.  Every day that you go to Karate is a test.  How you treat others in class, how you speak to your parents, your focus and attitude are all taken into consideration long before that special day comes along.

-“Eat properly and drink plenty of water”.  On your test day you will have to perform a number of physical activities.  You will have to do some basic kicking and punching techniques.  Keep your energy high by eating the right food and by drinking enough water.

-“Better to be 30 min early than 1 min late”.  Find out the exact time of the grading.  They usually run the same time as classes do.  To be sure check your grading sheet or ask the front desk.  If you get the chance to stop in a few minutes earlier this gives you the ability to relax a little bit as sometimes people are nervous their first time around

-“Dress for Success”.  At Keswick Karate students participating in a grading will be turned away if they do not have their full uniform.  Even if it is summer or a t-shirt day, you must have your Gi top and Belt.

– Grading Sheets.  Be sure to hand in your grading sheet and fee by the due date specified.

-“Breath”.   When you get out there, simply breath.  When we are nervous we hold our breath.  Learn to breathe… It will help you on your grading day.

-“Be a lead clapper”.  A lead clapper is a person who is first to clap, cheer and support the person performing.  It’s ok to show people how happy you are about your family member or classmate.  Clapping shows encouragement and will motivate the person performing.  This is a time to be happy and celebrate!

-“Can do attitude”. It’s important to bring a positive attitude to a grading.  Being enthusiastic and having a great attitude goes a long way toward achieving great results!

If you have any other questions about grading let us know.  You can reach out to us at:

Keswick Karate