Helping Your Child Succeed At Karate

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All parents want to see their children succeed. Life is a series of tests, both mental and physical, in which you make mistakes and learn from them. Some parents can offer advice to their children because they have experience in that field. Others might not have that experience and feel unable to offer some good advice. Karate is no different, and even though parents want their children to succeed in training, it can be hard to help them achieve that success. Keswick Karate provides great training and incentives to help students reach their potential, but with the added support they can receive at home, students can flourish. Here are some ways that you can encourage your child to set (and reach) goals in karate:

Take An Interest

I’ve put this first on the list as it’s the one I consider most important. Everyone is different, while some people love martial arts, others don’t. If your child studies karate but it’s not something you would consider or enjoy yourself, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take an interest. You being interested will keep your child interested, and asking simple questions like “What did you learn today?” or “Have you mastered [insert movement name here] yet?” can help solidify what children have learnt, or inspire them to try harder.

Give Praise

We’ve all been in situations where you’ve put in as much effort as possible to achieve something, only to receive no praise for it afterwards. It can almost make you feel like you wasted your time or question if you did as good of a job as you thought you did after all. Giving praise to children is the easiest form of rewarding them for their effort. Children that receive praise will feel that that are doing well, which will inspire them to try harder. While we do praise children that have performed well at Keswick Karate, receiving praise from your parents can be a lot more meaningful than receiving it from others.

Offer To Help

From time to time, children can find it difficult to learn certain things at karate. By asking your child if there’s anything they’re struggling with, you may be able to help them out. It could be something simple like executing a high kick, or it could also be something they are embarrassed to discuss with their sensei. Offering help and guidance to your child will ensure they are doing well and improving on weak areas.

Assist In Preparation

While preparing your child for their Keswick Karate class doesn’t take a great deal of input, simple things like preparing your child’s gi, or making sure they arrive on time can make big differences in the long run. On more intense days, like a tournament or assessment, you could help your child prepare by ensuring they have adequate sleep, eat the right foods and are have brushed up on all of their training to help them make the day a success.