What Are The Mental Benefits At Keswick Karate?

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We all know what Karate can do for our physical body, but do you know it has mental benefits as well? The list is actually lengthy. Besides the physical benefits, Karate includes concentration, confidence, focus, awareness, improved moods and discipline. Let’s take a closer look at these mental benefits found at Keswick Karate.

Mental Benefits

  • Confidence comes from knowing you can protect yourself when needed. You practice until you perfect manoeuvres, and this gives you confidence in your abilities as well. Self-esteem flows into other aspects of your life, job, home and outside world. You develop an “I can do this” attitude, and have the confidence to face issues you need to solve.
  • Awareness is another mental benefit of Karate. You become more aware of surroundings, whether it’s what people are wearing or colour of passing cars. You learn to observe to avoid dangerous situations. Karate helps you become more aware of what’s going on in front and behind you in all surroundings. You can imagine how this would help you no matter where you are.
  • Self Discipline is achieved by learning how to defend when needed. You discipline yourself to only find when there is no other choice, to not This discipline is important because you know you can hurt the other person. You learn a non-violence philosophy. Fighting is a last resort.
  • Increased concentration. Karate teaches you how to block out distractions; there are concentration drills during which others make several loud noises while one learns a manoeuvre. Increased concentration will help everyone in life, in school, home and work.
  • Karate is a great way to relieve stress. It is a healthy and useful way to release extra energy too. Frustration, anxiety and tension are relieved through the exercises that cause the release of endorphins. You can release your stress without hurting anything, something that can be helpful at the Keswick Karate studio, or even in your own home.
  • If you are looking for something to improve your mood, Karate can help you. Regular exercise routines, such as Karate, are proven to improve moods. You actually become happier. Once again, the exercises release endorphins that last for several hours after you finish the exercises.
  • Other mental benefits of Karate are the morals and values it passes on to the students. Keswick Karate teaches that with steady practice you will become less aggressive to others, and less impulsive. For example, the Shaolin moral codes have10 forbidden acts, 10 obligations and 12 ethics. Patience, calmness and insight are also part of martial arts, including Karate. Students learn that the right frame of mind, attitude and virtues are the things to aim for at the Karate studio and everywhere else in life.

There is more to Karate than what you see. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and is necessary for being healthy overall. Being healthy is more than just taking care of your body; it is taking care of your mind as well. Keswick Karate can help you and your family and friends in so many ways.

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