10 Reasons Seniors Should Do Martial Arts

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It is never too late to start making healthy choices for your life. Keswick Karate can be as beneficial to seniors as it is to children. Here are 10 reasons why.

Increased Confidence

Trying something new can be intimidating for anyone, but especially for seniors. They may wonder if they will be able to do the manoeuvres, or handle the classes. Keswick Karate has a welcoming and positive atmosphere. It offers gradual training, which brings so many benefits. The senior will gain strength, flexibility and self-confidence through Martial Arts training. They will discover they are still able to be active and strong.

Increased Focus

Seniors know what concentration and discipline mean. They have already learned that you have to be dedicated to improve in anything. Seniors naturally focus well, so can find enjoyment in learning. They understand Karate mechanics and often learn faster than children.

Interesting Exercise

The programs at Keswick Karate are very adaptable to every age group. It can be made to be age-appropriate and give seniors the option of continuous exercise that can be increased or decreased due to ability. This type of activity keeps an exercise routine fresh, engaging and increases intensity as the senior advances.

Physical Fitness

     As we get older, we often lose flexibility and strength. Some of it can come back through regular exercise and the practiced movements of Karate. All muscle groups are used even when a person does not have to give maximum effort. Seniors are less prone to falls and broken bones due to improved co-ordination.

Self Defense

     Karate is more than just defending oneself when necessary. Seniors will learn how to avoid physical confrontations. They will learn physical strength isn’t always the answer to a problem.

Mental Alertness

     A worry of many seniors is the fading of mental strength, of remembering and being alert. Keeping active helps increase, or even maintain, mental alertness. In this type of exercise, students need to memorize forms and movements, and then how to execute them. The forms become more challenging as the student progresses.

Sense of Belonging/Community

      Keswick Karate is welcoming and peer-based. It is a social environment with interaction almost like an office. There are friends, new learning experiences and tasks to achieve. There are students of all ages learning at the same pace. Seniors are not alone, and this is good to know since many feel lost after retirement. There is no competition, just comradeship.


     Seniors may notice looser joints, flexibility and balance. They will increase in strength. Karate movements include warm-ups and cool-downs. The movements will increase stamina, as well as muscle tone and co-ordination. All these benefits will allow the senior to live in more comfort and confidence with improved flexibility.

Experienced Instructors

     Many instructors have experience when helping those with limitations, and helping them reach their goals. Karate can be like therapy for some, with the right instructor guiding them to improved strength and flexibility.

It’s Fun!

Karate is fun for all ages. Blow off steam, take pleasure in sweating a little, rejoice in perfecting a manoeuvre and enjoy talking to friends.

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