10 Reasons Kids Should Do Karate

When thinking about activities for your children, don’t overlook Martial Arts. Forget what you’ve seen in movies. Your children will learn more than you can believe.

Increased Activity Levels

With electronics and favorite TV shows keeping our children off their feet, Martial Arts encourage all to move. Martial arts create a fitness program that fights obesity, filling in since many schools no longer have steady physical education (gym class).

Keswick Karate inspires children to move and think about how important movement is. It encourages even the most sedentary child to keep in motion. How? Screen time is limited when there are Martial Arts to attend.

Increased Focus

Children who learn Karate, learn the benefits of being still and focused. They learn to quiet their thoughts and focus on the job at hand. There are no TVs, radios or devices. Everyone discovers hard work and dedication are the keys to success.

Learn to Overcome

Learning to overcome trials, hits and difficult situations is part of Martial Arts. Kids learn to handle gut-wrenching disappointment as well as a physical punch. This art teaches the young how to accept life’s lessons. They won’t always be on top, but they will learn to keep trying.

Gain Confidence and More

Keswick Karate provides opportunities to advance. As a child increases in skill, they pass certain levels, the most popular one being a coloured belt.

They will learn humility and respect for all. These traits all come from the kids learning to know themselves.   Children learn self-discipline and restraint, two things that are hard to teach in a time where many are accustomed to instant gratification.

Conflict Resolution

There are more ways to handle conflict, besides physical fighting. This is one thing that is taught to children in Martial Arts. Some have described the training as responding without reacting.  Keswick Karate teaches how challenges can be addressed with a cool head.

Create Goals and Meet Them

Learning to aim for the next coloured belt helps the children set their eyes on a goal. It is an attainable goal that children will work hard to achieve, and once they do they can set a new goal and aim for it.

Increased Listening

Children learn to listen to instruction so they can master a move. They need to listen well to execute a maneuverer properly and move up to a new belt. One-on-one work often helps those who struggle to concentrate.

Increased Creativity

While learning skills, children get to combine different moves to create what works best for them. They are allowed to combine and decide their own manoeuvres.


When placed in a room with people their own age and having the same interests, children seem to make friends easier. Outside, finding something to do or talk about may be very difficult for some children to overcome. In some forms of Martial Arts, like jiu jitsu, children work in partners and build skills and friendships together.


Very few things are done alone in Martial Arts. From getting a new belt, breaking boards or sparring to master a new manoeuvre, your children are working together. The lesson of learning to work as a team to accomplish goals is one of life’s lessons.

If you have been thinking about trying the martial arts.  Now is the time!  Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll help you get started.