Will Karate Make My Child Aggressive

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Many people have the idea that Karate is all fighting and action. Movies often portray this specific Martial Art this way, and it can cause some parents to think their children will become more aggressive if they participate. The movies don’t show the true form, practice or philosophy of Karate. Once parents learn what Karate is really about, their fears are put to rest.  That being said, let’s take a look at what Keswick Karate does for children, and how it’s training actually shuts down aggression.

What Keswick Karate Teaches

Karate is based on self-control, respect, discipline and perseverance. Honour and loyalty are also part of Karate. Classes are structured and strict. The instructor teaches the students how to focus, listen and respect for each other and the teacher.

Even if the child is a bully, or wants to protect themselves from bullies, he or she learns self-control, among the already mentioned discipline and respect. Students are taught fighting is the last resort and how to avoid getting into those situations to begin with. Keswick Karate is not all fighting. Students grow in independence, skills and also get to release energy. They are taught compassion. Karate regulates the fight or flight response. Students learn to control their emotions. They also respond to our training routine, which helps them be less frustrated and in turn less aggressive.

Keswick Karate promotes healthy relationships with others. It functions as a safe, physical, predictable activity. We help reduce violent reactions to situations of fear or difficulty, and actually decreases aggression. Children who practice Martial Arts have shown less aggressive ideas, are more social and confidant. They have also shown improvement in school.

Instructors Are Important

As with many other sports or disciplines, the instructors play a large role in teaching morals and values, as well as the physical movements. An instructor’s guidance and training gives the students their foundation in Karate. A Martial Arts instructor needs to be strong, yet compassionate. If he or she is aggressive in anyway, the students will turn out different.

The right teacher will instruct and inspire, will create happiness while passing on knowledge. He or she will show the students to perform manoeuvres, no matter how many times it takes for the students to learn. There should be passion in the warm up, as well as the training. By doing this, the Karate instructor maintains skills, but also fosters respect and loyalty in the students. Positive, and constructive comments are also important to students. The comment doesn’t have to be deep; it just needs to be given. Students need an instructor who makes them feel like they are improving.

Always find out the instructor’s philosophy before attending or taking your child to the first class.

So, does Karate really make children aggressive? The simple answer is no. Aggression actually goes against the philosophy of this Martial Art, and practicing Karate will help remove it from everyday life for anyone. Regular classes with a quality instructor can make all the difference in a child’s life.