Still Forgetting Some Very Important School Supplies? Part 2

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In part 1 of this very necessary topic I discussed thing like how the Martial Arts may be the one school supply to guarantee better grades, how physical fitness improves academic performance, and how the Martial Arts is that one supply that will help your child when they are finished school and have become a mature, contributing member of society.

In part 2 I will be expanding on some of the above areas as well as introducing some life-enhancing benefits including being bully safe, Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Leadership Ability, and Concentration.

Life Enhancing Benefits- No Special Skills Required…

We found that it really doesn’t matter what a child’s current fitness level or social skills are. To benefit from our martial arts program they don’t have to be a “star athlete,” “socially outgoing,” or already have good concentration skills. In fact, Parenting Magazine reports, “Many parents whose children have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show great success with martial arts because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids”

I agree! Keswick Karate has been helping kids and families in Keswick and surrounding area for some time now and I know firsthand that Martial Arts classes are not just for the athletic kids. Kids that have low physical ability and even kids with disabilities can do things that they or their parents never dreamed possible. Over active children begin to focus their energy and concentrate better. Shy children come out of their shells.

Martial Arts Classes Have Been Proven to Give Children…

  • Self-esteem to believe “they can do what they put their minds to.”
  • Self-assurance and personal confidence to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure when the time undoubtedly comes.
  • Poise and mental toughness to stand up to the bully without violence.
  • Ability and know-how to set and achieve powerful goals.
  • Physical fitness that will help them in any sport that they want to play.
  • Concentration skills to put them or keep them on the honor roll.
  • Ability to be more responsible for their actions and not always blame others for their mistakes.

But will my Child Stay With It?

One major concern for many parents is undoubtedly commitment. Kids do tend to quite activities. The difference that we are seeing that helps retention in martial arts compared to other activities is the bond that they form with their instructors. The entertaining way in which our program is presented and the short and long range goals that students set for themselves really helps. Your child will always have something to reach for.

Will My Child Become A Bully?

A lot of us might think back to the first “Karate Kid” movie and those thugs from the “Cobra Kai Dojo.” Many parents worry about extremely rigid instruction and their children becoming aggressive. If you sat in on a couple of classes at Keswick Karate and watched me teaching kids the Martial Arts you’d notice that quite the opposite is true. What you’ll actually discover is the aggressive kid calming down and the bully developing the self-respect he needs to prevent him from feeling he has to lash out to prove himself.

The good news is that you really can give your child the most important school supplies of all this school year…

Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Leadership Ability, Concentration and Physical Fitness. These skills and character qualities are a perfect fit for any parent looking to bring out the best academic performance this year!

Are You Ready to Give Your Child The Most Important Supplies of All? Then give us a call today!  The best thing for you to do to explore Keswick Karate to see if it will be a good fit for your child and family is to call us at 647-515-0179 right now!