Are You Forgetting Some Very Important School Supplies? Part 1

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Martial Arts May Be the One Supply That Can Guarantee Honour Roll Performance…

Back to school season is almost in full swing. If you’re like many parents you’re starting to pick up those all-important “School Supplies.” Topping the list are the pencils, pens, notebooks, art supplies, new clothes and many others. All will be much needed tools for your child throughout the 2017-2018 school year. But there are some very important intangibles that can help your child have a fantastic year that usually doesn’t make the “school supply” list.

Not Having These Tools Can Lead To Academic Under Performance.

A large portion of your child’s success in school is going to be based on his attitude. Their attitude will affect his ability to get along in harmony with his classmates. We know that a key to academic success is how your child perceives his classroom environment. His attitude will affect how well he gets along with his teachers. And his attitude will affect his ability to deal with the challenges of new school work. The truth is that your child’s attitude is either going to be positive or negative. So the question is, how can we ensure that it’s positive? A positive attitude can only come from within. There are some core “life and character” skills that, when developed properly, can manifest a positive attitude. The good news is that all of these “Core Skills” can be learned. What are the core skills? The core skills are character qualities such as self-confidence, personal responsibility, respect for self and others and discipline. Having these core character qualities intact and, more importantly, developed, will cause your child’s attitude to be positive which will then enable them to excel academically. There is also a “physical” side to attitude.

Physical Fitness and Academic Performance

Research now shows increased physical activity can help standardized test scores rise as well as – improve reading ability. Increased physical activity has also been linked to fewer episodes of fighting and better attendance. “It seems fitness and nutrition aren’t just good for your health – they’re good for achievement as well,” said study author Melanie Guertin, a teacher and advisor to Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services, who conducted the study for the Ontario Physical Health Education Association.

Major Breakthroughs

I’ve been teaching Martial Arts right here in the GTA and Keswick for a number of years and what I’ve discovered is that when you combine intense physical exercise with the proper teaching of mental skills like focus and concentration – then add the core life skills training, you can’t help but create a winning formula that will set your child up for success in school and life.

But a key component to the formula is to make it fun. When you make it fun kids forget that they are getting in great shape, developing better mental skills and being ingrained with rock solid character qualities that will last them a lifetime, and Keswick Karate does a great job to make it fun!

Training Martial Arts Classes Is The Secret

A high quality martial arts curriculum like the one used at Keswick Karate combines education, fitness and entertainment. Kids develop a sense of self-confidence by becoming proficient at the martial arts. As their sense of self-confidence rises it then positively affects their attitude which then affects their academic performance in a positive way. The fear of raising their hands to answer questions disappears. Children schooled in the martial arts are more capable of dealing with the inevitable “Bully” in a very tactful and nonviolent way. They are less likely to give in to negative peer pressure. They are more driven and ambitious and they are not afraid to set big goals for themselves.

Our Martial Arts Classes Have Given Children…

  • Self-esteem to believe “they can do what they put their minds to.”
  • Self-assurance and personal confidence to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure when the time undoubtedly comes.
  • Poise and mental toughness to stand up to the bully without violence.
  • Ability and know-how to set and achieve powerful goals.
  • Physical fitness that will help them in any sport that they want to play.
  • Concentration skills to put them or keep them on the honor roll.
  • Ability to be more responsible for their actions and not always blame others for their mistakes.

The good news is that you really can give your child the most important school supplies of all this school year…

Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Leadership Ability, Concentration and Physical Fitness. These skills and character qualities are a perfect fit for any parent looking to bring out the best academic performance this year!

Of Course – Space Is Limited

Because Keswick Karate operates like a private school we are limited on the amount of new students that we accept. As of now there are just a small number of beginner slots available. They usually go fast so it’s a good idea to take action.

Are You Ready to Give Your Child The Most Important Supplies of All?

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