Why It’s Great To Train At Keswick Karate

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Every parent wants the best for their child – here are a few reasons why Keswick Karate makes the best gift for your child:

1.Build confidence and discipline

Some parents have the misconception that martial arts encourages violence in children, but the truth is karate teaches children that violence is not the answer and that their skills should only be used as self-defence. The teaching style at Keswick Karate actually helps to increase confidence and discipline in children, as it helps to build an aura of strength and children need to respect their Sensei and follow their instructions diligently during classes.

2.Increase self-control

Other than building confidence and discipline, karate classes also help children develop their self-control abilities. As karate involves carrying out punches and kicks with precision, this helps children increase focus and control over their bodies. However, at Keswick Karate we recommend enrolling children who have a minimum amount of self-control, otherwise they may have trouble getting through an entire class.

3.Teach them self defense

One of the most common issues that parents worry about is bullying – as school is an environment where parents cannot fully protect their children, it is important for children to learn basic self-defence skills to prepare them for an encounter with a bully. Children who enroll in karate classes tend to be more confident, which is a valuable trait to have when faced with bullies.

4.Develop leadership skills

Keswick Karate teaches students to be leaders, and educated followers. As karate includes rising through a series of belt ranks, experienced students become a role model for newer students and hence learn the importance of helping others in need.  They will also learn to respect fellow leaders and authority figures.

5.Develop more respect for others

One of the core principles of karate is principle and respect – other than developing technical skills, children also learn the philosophy behind the martial arts form. As children interact with others in karate classes, they learn to respect themselves and respect each other.

One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is valuable personality traits that will help them excel in life in the future. While material goods provide a temporary sense of happiness, the core principles children learn from karate are permanent and help provide them with a positive guide to life.