10 Reasons Why Keswick Karate Helps Adults

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If you thought Karate was just for the young and energetic, here are a few reasons why adults should try Martial Arts at Keswick Karate.

Stress Relief
Karate is a way of getting rid of stress in the body. You focus the energy you have built up in your body to perform manoeuvres and concentrate. You learn to relax your muscles and breathe properly.

Health Benefits
Karate improves fitness, mentally and physically. It also increases balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility. Strength is built without weights, and with guidance. Karate keeps you active, so is a great way to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Increased Discipline
Karate will teach you discipline through positive reinforcement, personal attention, etiquette, rules, structure and step-by step instructions to repeat movements. You must practice and concentrate or you will not improve.

Increased Focus
While at Karate, you don’t have the distraction of phones, computers or TV. You learn to follow instructions to the end for a final result. Your concentration is improved. Focus and concentration often comes from breathing and relaxation exercises

More Energy
Martial Arts can be considered a form of exercise and exercise helps produce endorphins. It helps the functioning of the brain. Calories are burned, strength is achieved and exercise is always interesting. After Karate class you will feel tired, but invigorated.

While different levels are practicing, everyone is learning and getting stronger. You will find that everyone is good at something. Everyone has a technique they are very good at executing. You will see improvements as you gain skills and strength. Increased confidence spreads over into the workplace and everyday life.

Self-defense should not be mistaken with what you see in the movies or on TV. You will develop increased agility, endurance, balance, flexibility and strength. You learn to avoid physical confrontations, and how to defend yourself if you have to.

Age Doesn’t Matter
In many sports, the young rule the field. The sport needs their youthful strength and energy. At Keswick Karate, everyone starts as a white belt. Energy and strength is developed as everyone learns the same moves, techniques and disciplines. Age does not play a role in Martial Arts. Everyone starts somewhere to develop his or her abilities.

Social Interaction
Martial Arts is a social way to learn an art, stay healthy and exercise. You pair off for sparring to practice new skills. You have a group to encourage you to keep going and pressure you to improve in a positive way. We all know it is always more fun to exercise with friends.

Family Activity
With everyone being so busy today, parents are often looking for things to do with their children. Martial Arts at Keswick Karate is a great way to do something fun and physical. The family can learn to do skills at the same time. It helps to have parents understand how challenging some moves are, instead of sitting, watching and wondering why their children are struggling with something that looks easy.